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E-Campus management System

Can be implemented in 2 ways........

  • eCampus Management System in Cloud
  • eCampus Management System in WiFi

The eCampus Management System CLOUD is now available with a SaaS model. That means you don’t need to build and maintain an expensive and complex IT infrastructure to support your SIS. Rather, we will host and manage it from a world-class enterprise data center with maximum security, availability and scalability while you keep your staff and resources focused on providing the best services for your prospects, students, parents, faculty, alumni, and other constituents.

Truly Integrated Modules

eCampus Cloud is a single database that unifies inquiries, recruitment, application, course registration, billing, transcripts, financial aid, career tracking, alumni/ development/career, student attendance and roster. The advantage is having real-time data that is more accurate and available when you need it.

Trusted Vendor of SIS Software

We have been in business for almost 3 years and many of our customers have been with us for many years. That loyalty has been earned from our dedication to listening to customer feedback and solving their needs.

Secure Cloud-Based Solution

Our student information system software is available in the cloud which means you don’t need to build and maintain an expensive and complex IT infrastructure to support it. Our advanced technology solution is hosted from a world-class enterprise data center with maximum security, availability and scalability.

Robust CRM Communication Tools

With our CRM tools, it is very easy to e-mail or text to a large group or a single individual. Our search query tool allows you to easily filter and find your list and then distribute your communication seamlessly. Every activity is tracked with a record of all your communications readily accessible in one place.

Real-Time Reporting

eCampus Cloud has three levels of reporting (lookup query, analysis reporting and top level dashboards) depending on how much detail is required. Since the database is fully integrated, everything is updated in real-time and there’s no waiting for information.

Web-Based Portals

Students, parents, alumni and faculty have access to online portals based on the permissions you set. Each portal can be easily integrated and customized to your existing website using standard HTML and CSS.

Affordable, Best Value

Designed specifically for small to mid-sized higher education institutions, Campus Café is cloud-based so it doesn’t require a large IT staff or long implementation process. It is priced on a per month subscription charge with all hardware, software and services included, so there is no large up-front expenditure.

Seamless API Integration

eCampus Cloud will handle most of your institutional requirements for financial aid, billing, accounts payable, course registration, student attendance but can also incorporate 3rd party software

Benifits you are going to enjoy

Fast and easy implementation. eCampus Management portal can be accessed immediately through a secure link in a browser. Adding new modules can be just as fast.

Optimal cost-effectiveness. There is no more big budget up-front IT infrastructure investments.

Best in class security and service. Our data centers are monitored 24x7x365 by certified engineers and technicians, with almost 100% guaranteed uptime.

Free from worries about technical issues: We handle the system monitoring, backups, upgrades, business continuity and disaster recovery. You will have access to your SIS all day, every day, anywhere.

Scalability. Our cloud infrastructure can handle institutions big and small, as well as demand spikes such as registration periods.

Budgets are stretched tighter now than ever before. Our cloud solution will help you save money, time and internal resources. To learn more about our fully integrated student information system, please contact us today. Work with us to ensure your success!

N.B: If you want to save you data in local server then you can use "eCampus Management System in WiFi Module" with same facilities.

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